Rooftight Construction Ltd.

Rooftight’s philosophy is simple and is the key to their success. They are focused on delivering a remarkable customer experience throughout the entire homebuilding process. Every aspect of the company’s systems and operations reflect their mission of building strong relationships – with clients, employees and sub-trades.

But their product also speaks for itself. They build homes that far surpass standard requirements. They build in well-planned communities and support the communities where they build and live. They listen to customer feedback by interviewing them not just before, but after the build is complete - they know that customer engagement is key to driving innovation and improving client satisfaction. They focus less on profit, and more on building homes that people love, believing that the rest will fall into place.

This strong, customer-centric culture offers Rooftight an organic, sustainable avenue to better results. It is their customer centric philosophy and approach to business that has allowed them to grow into a leader in the homebuilding industry in Nova Scotia.

Scott Smith
Fall River, NS

Phone: (902) 497-9397
Fax: (902) 860-2357