What is R-2000?

An R-2000 home is designed, built, tested and certified to meet exacting technical standards that exceed current Canadian building codes. These homes offer significant energy savings, health and comfort advantages and are more environmentally friendly than the conventional home. Exclusively constructed by specially trained builders, R-2000 homes feature continuous whole house ventilation, environmentally friendly building products, a continuous building envelope to reduce drafts and cold spots and energy-efficient appliances, lighting, doors and windows. All R-2000 homes receive a certificate from Natural Resources Canada to ensure it meets these standards.


What will R-2000 do for me?

There are many benefits to an R-2000 home, including healthier indoor air quality, healthier building products and materials and reduced energy bills. At Whitestone, we take the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and water consumption seriously, as well as the comfort and economic savings of our homebuyers. R-2000 certification is backed by over 20 years of research by both government and industry and are proud to be a licensed R-2000 builder.

Tamara Barker-Watson,
Whitestone Building & Renovations