What is a Netzero Home?

A net-zero house is designed and built to reduce household energy needs to a minimum. The construction includes on-site renewable energy systems, so the house may produce as much energy as it consumes. These homes supply electricity to the grid when it is producing more than it needs and draws from the grid when household demands exceed the amount of electricity produced on site.

Taken over a year, the energy supplied to the grid balances the energy drawn from the grid, thus achieving net- zero annual energy consumption. Built to higher standards than conventional new homes, a Net Zero Home is more durable – with high performance, warm windows, better insulated walls and roof and water-saving fixtures and appliances.


A Net Zero home is one that, on an annual basis, produces an equal amount of energy to what is being consumed. Therefore, it is of little surprise that clients are becoming more and more interested in building Net Zero homes given the rising prices of furnace oil and power expenses. Denim Homes was created out of a dedication to building energy efficient homes and we are most proud of our ongoing commitment to lead the industry with our expertise in Net Zero options.

Caleb Howden, Denim Homes